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The Paradise Debate: Jon Gruden

The Paradise Debate: Jon Gruden

Welcome to The Paradise Debate:  Jon Gruden.  We put this avatar debate together after reading comments on stories about the situation with Coach Gruden and the Las Vegas Raiders.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to get people to listen to opposing views and ask each other questions.  Therefore, we took some of those questions and let the […]

Take Our FREE COVID-19 Course

free COVID-19 course

COVID-19 continues to rage throughout America and the world.  We watch cases climb and family after family devastated by its impact.  As a result, we are seeing more states and countries implement stricter guidelines again.  In an attempt to help small businesses stay open during these trying times, we’ve created an online course on safety […]

Toxic Work Culture Rears Its Ugly Head Again

toxic work culture

On Tuesday of this week, I did another webinar on sexual harassment in the workplace.  And again, I stressed to participants that the biggest missed opportunity most companies have is their work culture. Companies large and small don’t recognize the power of their work culture.  Your culture either stops bad behavior or encourages it.  It […]

Celebrate 30 Years of the ADA

thanks ADA for 30 years

On July 26th, the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA will turn 30!  I’ve worked in Human Resources for about that long, so I’ve seen many advances in those 3 decades.  Most public buildings are now accessible, as are a majority of public transportation.  Closed captions, transcriptions and assisted listening devices are now commonplace.  […]