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Frequently Asked Questions

Paradise FAQ

How long does it take to get a custom training video made?

It depends, but generally once we get the information we need from you (i.e. policies, videos, images, etc), it takes 2-4 weeks to completion.

Are your HR services billed hourly, monthly, or project based?

We set our rates based on the job.  That way, we’re able to provide the best service at the most reasonable rate.

Do you offer web hosting without design?

Yes.  We provide fast, cloud-based hosting with many amenities.  Call us for more information and to discuss your website.

Can we get a training portal without your custom made videos?

That’s definitely a possibility.  Contact us to discuss your current setup and we’ll see if we can help you out!

How do we know what happens with our 3D chat agent?

We’ll provide you with weekly reports of all the interactions with your chat agents.  You’ll be able to see everything that happens with your agent.

Can the 3D chat agents provide live human support also?

Yes.  Our 3D chat agents can also provide a live support system.  The calls can be forwarded to any person or people you would like to answer calls.  Call us for more information and to discuss your customer support needs.

What kind of custom training videos do you make?

We create custom videos covering numerous types of Human Resources and Safety topics.  This includes things like lockout tagout, sexual harassment, machine guarding, diversity and inclusion, construction safety, new employee orientation, hazard communication and more.

Do you offer refunds on custom videos?

There is no refund on custom videos.  Prior to finalizing your video, you will receive a watermarked draft for your review.  This will give you the option to carefully review the video and make appropriate changes.  If you make changes, you will receive another watermarked version.  Since you are approving the video before final rendering, there are no refunds.  If your final video contains an error on our part, we will gladly correct it.

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