Dr. King
Why Dr. King Died

Today is the day we celebrate the life and work of Dr. King.  But have you thought about why he died so young?

I have a dream.  Getting to the mountaintop.  We shall overcome.  The day we celebrate the contributions to society from Dr. Martin Luther King is filled with such appreciation for him and the strength he possessed.  Sadly, it’s also a reflection on the soul of America, a reflection that we were recently reminded is still in need of much work.

But when it comes to Dr. King, the thing that always stands out to me is the fact that he died young because he was good.  Because he cared about people.  Because he wouldn’t stop being non-violent.  He died because he just wouldn’t stop being good.

However people choose to remember Dr. King, the fact remains that no matter what the government, KKK, police, and just angry hateful people did to him, he simply refused to budge.  He wouldn’t hit them back.  Or curse the people who persecuted him and even God for his plight.  He wouldn’t stop caring for all of us.  And for that, he died.

We have a lot of work to do in this country.  But in order for us to do it, we have to stop focusing on ourselves and start thinking of others.  As Dr. King asked, “What are you doing for others?”

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