ending 2020 positively
Ending 2020 Positively

2020 was quite a year.  Many will remember it as one of the worst years in a long time.  2020 was a year of death due to the COVID-19 pandemic, anger and racial hatred not seen since the civil rights movement of the 60’s, and political division on an insane level.  The result is a year where many people are now facing financial struggles, depression, substance abuse and physical problems that are unmatched.  I know this all sounds negative, but this post is all about positivity.  You see, regardless of what you went through, ending 2020 positively is all up to you.

No matter what you experienced during the year, ending 2020 positively is not as hard as it sounds.  Mainly because positivity is still all around us.  There’s still a world filled with love, happiness, hope and positivity.  You just have to find it.

We make conscious decisions every day on how we’re going to address the issues we face, how we’re going to tackle the problems in front of us, and how we’re going to handle the stressors that are a part of everyday life.  If our lives are filled with negativity, our thoughts are negative and we react from there.  If your lives are filled with positivity, our thoughts are positive and we react from there.  It’s all up to us how we move forward and make decisions in our lives.

As we close out a challenging year, take a look at what’s happening on the inside.  If you want to move forward into 2021 in a positive fashion, make a conscious decision to do so and DO IT!  It all starts with the decision.  Once you set your mind to it, your actions will follow.

Many people find it helpful to conduct a ritual to help them make a change.  If you’re interested in ending 2020 positively, maybe start 2021 by cleaning your house and getting rid of things that won’t help you move forward how you want to.  Maybe start a new healthy regiment like eating healthy, exercising, and meditating.  Some people like to cleanse their home by burning sage to change the energy.  Only you know what works for you so follow your own instinct and do what will help your situation.  

Remember, however, that there’s no magic pill.  There’s no ritual or positive change that will erase reality.  2021 will still have challenges.  We’re still in a global pandemic and have lots of work to do to get it under control.  Your life won’t automatically get better because you’ve decided to be more positive in 2021.  There will still be problems.  But when you do face problems, challenges and setbacks, if you’re in a better headspace, you’ll be in a better place mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  The problems and challenges won’t seem as big, and you’ll be able to meet them head on and get past them.

Ending 2020 positively is a great way to put an end to a challenging year, and more importantly, a great way to start off 2021.  We still have a lot of work to do, but with a positive outlook, it just won’t seem as bad.  We wish you a wonderful new year, full of love, peace and positivity!