It’s Almost Over – Please Vote

Please vote - but do it safely

Please vote, America.  We’re down to a few days before the election.  If you haven’t cast your vote yet, please put it on your to do list.

As usual, I voted early.  I thought it was going to be a pain this year but it was actually a pleasant experience.  The polling place I went to was a neighborhood center, and the workers were all friendly and positive.  The people in line were friendly and patient, and I was in and out in less than 15 minutes.  

I’m gonna say it again:  please vote.  I don’t care what your political leanings are, just take the time to learn about the candidates and cast your vote.  

I’ve voted in pretty much every election I could since the age of 18.  And, I have to admit:  I can’t stand election season.  The relentless political attacks really get on my nerves.  Suddenly politicians who we haven’t heard from since the last election want to tell us what’s wrong with their opponent, the other side, society, etc.  If you judged things by political ads you’d think the world is going to fall off its axis on November 3rd.  Yet regardless of the results, we somehow always make it through, just to be bombarded with the same crap the next cycle.

If for no other reason, please vote so the mudslinging and pontificating can stop.  But when you vote please do it safely.  No political view is worth your family or community’s health.

If you are unsure about how or where to vote in your state, click here to be taken to Democracy Works.  Democracy Works is non-partisan and provides the tools and information that Americans need to be informed.  And of course you can always contact us.  We’ll help you all we can.

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