small business support services DESIGNED ESPECIALLY for small business

small business support services from Paradise Business Solutions


Develop the environment needed for your staff to thrive.  We can help you with Human Resources and Safety policies to help you create a safe and productive workplace.


Train your staff on policies, practices, expectations and more.  Our custom training videos are perfect for providing clear communication and direction to employees.

Keep your top employees with help from Paradise


Your staff are your greatest asset.  With the right environment and development we can help you retain your top workers and create an internal pipeline of leaders.

It’s More Important Than You Think

Your work culture and the environment your staff work in, that is.  Although there aren’t as many people, small businesses still need to tend to their work environment and staff development.  Our small business support services are designed specifically for small businesses.

More Than 25 Years Experience in HR

We know that small businesses have unique needs and deserve unique solutions.  Our small business support solutions are custom designed and backed by decades of experience in helping small businesses make the most of their resources.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

We Can Help You Build a Strong Foundation

Create a firm foundation for your small business to grow with custom training videos.  We can not only create custom videos for your specific work environment, we can provide you with a custom branded training portal, providing your staff with 24/7 secure access to training videos.  Notifications are sent for all completed courses for employee files.

see sample training portal

We Can Help With Non-Humans Too

Expand your staff with a custom programmed 3D agent.  Use our smart chart automation to close sales, handle lead generation, take orders, handle support – whatever you need.  Our agents utilize the latest AI technology, giving you around the clock to small business support.

see one in action