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free COVID-19 course

COVID-19 continues to rage throughout America and the world.  We watch cases climb and family after family devastated by its impact.  As a result, we are seeing more states and countries implement stricter guidelines again.  In an attempt to help small businesses stay open during these trying times, we’ve created an online course on safety protocols for small businesses.

THIS COURSE IS FREE.  It will always be free.  Our goal is to provide information and guidelines for small businesses from reputable sources to assist them in keeping their employees, customers and all people in their workplace safe.

This course was created from information provided by OSHA, CDC, ASTHO, and other national and international organizations who are leading the fight against this virus.  The course is approximately 30 minutes long.  In addition, you’ll receive a certificate once you complete all sections.  It’s not much, but it shows you followed through to the end!

Please take our free COVID-19 course and tell other business professionals about it.  It is available in English and Spanish.  At the end of both courses is a summary document of the information to help you.  In addition, there is a list of COVID-19 resources if you need further information on the virus and its impact on your business or community.

If you have any questions on the free COVID-19 course or need assistance with staffing issues, please contact us.

We are not going to be able to will this virus away.  It’s going to take more people looking out for others.  This is not the time to focus on ourselves or our own beliefs.  By focusing on the safety of others, we’ll be able to get through this stronger.

Take Our Free COVID-19 Course

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