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small business support services and covid19 help
small buisness support services COVID-19 Help

remote worker management

COVID-19 has instantly changed the way we live.  As a result, many small businesses have to quickly change the way they operate.  They are now faced with a large share of the workforce working from home, remote hiring and remote onboarding.

Download our free remote worker information to help you manage your workforce and keep your company protected.  No signup or email required – instant access!


In addition to the free report above, we created a handy checklist also available for instant access.  This checklist helps you to evaluate each employee situation individually and determine how best to implement remote working during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.  Contact us for more information or for assistance with small business support services during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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small business support services

Small businesses have unique needs when it comes to support services.  They have the same tasks to accomplish as larger companies but less staff and fewer resources. 

Paradise provides products and services designed specifically for small businesses.  We help you attract and keep your customers with affordable marketing services, while helping you create the work environment you need to sustain growth with custom Human Resources support.

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small business support services
small business support services COVID-19 Help

remote worker onboarding

Small businesses that are able to remain open during the coronavirus pandemic still need to hire and onboard workers remotely.

Paradise can provide you with customized new employee and safety orientation videos, available 24 hours a day from any device.  In addition, we are currently offering free hosting for your video, providing you with a safe, efficient way to deliver the information needed to keep your company strong and productive.

small business support services and covid-19 help

Paradise provides startups and small businesses with the latest 3D chat agent technology.  Our agents can show videos, take voicemail messages, even answer questions and handle customer support.

Interested in seeing a demo live on your website?  Simply provide your URL and an email address to send the link.  See how good they look on your site!

Small Business Support Services and covid19 help
small business support services COVID-19 Help

remote worker communication


Staying in touch with employees as they work from home can be a challenge for small businesses.  As a result, employees may feel disconnected which can affect productivity.

Paradise can provide you with affordable webinar and video chat services that don’t require downloads or any additional equipment. Our web-based system allows up to 10 people on a video chat and unlimited webinar attendees.  In addition, we can provide evergreen webinars and free recordings.  Can be used with any device!  

For information on the coronavirus pandemic, please refer to the CDC or your state department of health.