Giving Staff Development The Attention It Deserves

Let’s be honest.  Staff development is not typically seen as a high priority business task.  Paradise has been working for years to change that.  We know the vast returns companies reap when they invest in their employees and their work environment.  

Paradise Founder

Lisa M. Daniels

Lisa is the founder of Paradise.  She has over 25 years experience in helping businesses maximize their work environments while saving time and money.  Her background includes not-for-profit, education, healthcare, oil and gas, insurance, corporate, and industrial settings, ranging from a handful of employees to tens of thousands.

Throughout her career, Lisa has approached change and business development with teamwork and collaboration.  By opening communication channels, removing barriers and streamlining procedures, she has saved companies millions of dollars through decreased turnover, improved workflows, and improved safety.

Lisa holds a degree in Management from the University of Wisconsin School of Business, and held advanced certification for 15 years.