Even One Employee Deserves Success

While you may not need a full-time HR person for a while, as soon as you hire your first employee, your company needs some type of HR function.  The problem is, most small business owners try to handle these duties on their own, taking their time away from growing the company.  In addition, most business owners don’t have the training and background needed to keep the company protected.

Why HR Matters

Even with the best product or service, great marketing and tons of social media activity, neglecting HR can ruin your business.  You need the right people in place to handle the work.  Once you have the right people, you need the workplace practices that can sustain and grow your business.

Not only that, not taking care of HR can be very costly for small businesses.  Ignoring the work environment leads to low employee morale, low productivity, high turnover and increased accidents.  This can lead to fines and lawsuits, and in today’s age, going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Paradise HR Support Services

Customized HR Support to Help Your Specific Needs

Since your workplace is unique, the solutions you need must be unique as well.  We take the time to get to know your workplace and your company goals to develop HR solutions that make your company stronger.  Our services include assistance with policies and procedures, forms and applications, HR automation, pay, feedback, staff training and more.

Your staff is your company’s foundation.  Take the time to develop their workplace so they can focus on helping you grow your company.  Contact Paradise today for a free confidential consultation.